Friday, February 17, 2006

Finally Set Up a Home Recording Studio

I have been playing guitar and writing my own songs for quite a long time. I have been playing since I have been 10 or so and writing my own songs since High school. About two years ago I finally decided to get serious about recording a home CD.

At the time I did have a Boss 532 4 track recorder. I did have several ideas for songs on this but it just wasn't doing it. I went down to the local guitar center looking for ways to get a professional recording from my own home. I talked to several people and came up with the conclusion that the digidesign MBox with protools was the way to go.

I had talked to a lot of people at the local Sunday night jam session and figured out I needed to get a new hard drive so I did that also.

I went home and set everything up. After a little frustration with the 900 page manual that I printed out.... "WOW" was I ever shocked. I had used the reason adapted that came with protools, the bass simulator from my boss mixer and just recorded my playing.

For Christmas presents I made up 45 3 song CD's and everyone loved it. Since then I realized that a full Professional Quality CD was going to be much more work. So I went to the best in the industry, Berklee college of music to actually learn the protools system. I even went to Boston over last years holidays to meet with one of the protools experts, David Franz.

Now I have a scheduled release date of December 15th 2006 for the professionally produced CD
The pictures below are of the exact set up I am using now.



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