Friday, February 17, 2006

My Home Studio Pictures

This is the closet that I am recording my guitar amps in

My rackmounts stereo Monitors and computer with Protools on it

Another View of how I have things set up


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anyway the only place I've found for my business idea is here custom video training. They have a great course on DVD's but it's little expensive for me at the moment.
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5:01 PM  
Blogger Airfreddy said...

hi Alan:

I am not sure about doing video's. Pro tools is mainly for audio but it does have some video capability.

I did do some playing around with video explosion and it was only about $50 you could make up any format you wanted and add audio and piec video together. It is a pretty cool program. check it out.

IT was pretty easy to use and get used to also. I don't know what protools has to offer on the video side. you may want to check out
We never went over it in school but they may have something up there


9:37 PM  

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